Stamina 4825 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike


Stamina 4825Another excellent choice in recumbent exercise bike section is Stamina 4825 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike. This exercise bike is best for low-intensity workouts. It has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 after as many as 176 customer reviews! Why is this recumbent bike so popular? It is popular because it is an excellent bike with all basic features available at affordable prices.


You can judge whether this bike is exactly what you would want for your exercise bike with its features. They include:

  • Magnetic resistance with dial tension control
  • 6 preset fitness programs with pace guide
  • In-built pulse sensors in handrails
  • Easy assembling
  • Large, padded comfortable seat and backrest
  • Easy transport due to wheels
  • Electronic monitor for tracking time, speed, distance and calories
  • Oversized pedals for foot comfort


This exercise bike gives you a quiet and smooth workout because it has a magnetic resistance system. It is important that the bike functioning is quiet so that the noise doesn’t disturb others and you during the workout.

It has been manufactured by Stamina, which supplies high-quality fitness products. You can be sure about the quality of their products. The only thing you need to decide is whether the bike fits your requirements.

It is very easy to assemble. Many exercise bikes are a pain to assemble and may require dissembling before assembling. Many people have spent two hours or more in assembling an exercise bike. Stamina 4825 is very easy to assemble. The instructions are easy to follow, and help you get it together in less time.

This bike is very affordable. You will not be spending a fortune in getting a recumbent exercise bike home if you buy this cool bike.


It is a simple exercise bike with no frills. A major disadvantage is that you cannot move to intense workouts with it, as it has been designed for low-intensity workouts.

In some cases you might find some parts damaged during shipping, but Stamina does replace the parts at request soon. The interior protection is good, but bad shipping often plays its part.


  • Length: 56 inches
  • Width: 26 inches
  • Height: 33.5 inches
  • Sturdy steel frame

There is a 3-year warranty on frame and 90 days on parts.

This recumbent exercise bike is best for those who want to do some easy exercising without moving to intense exercising. If you want an exercise bike that is quiet, affordable, sturdy and comfortable, Stamina 4825 is the one for you.

To know about the experiences of others, you can go through recumbent exercise bike reviews on The Fit Route. There are customer reviews on Stamina 4825 with an average rating of 4.2! That means that the majority of the people who bought this bike are happy with it!

This exercise bike gives you excellent results over the years. Most people who bought it are very happy with what they got at the price. This bike can be a cool addition to your home gym. It is a simple recumbent exercise bike that allows you to comfortably exercise without any disturbances or jolts.


This bike can be a great choice for those who want to do some light cardio exercises and do not want to spend a lot. At this price, it is a killer bike that will help you to exercise in the comfort of your home, watching television. A home bike gives you the flexibility to use it at any time, and at any location of your home. That is much freedom!

Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine Review


kettler rowing machineRowing is an excellent and harmonized form of exercise. It involves all the main muscles and promotes heart health. The Kettler Favorit rowing machine is in a class all its own. This machine has all the right features. This includes a comfortable, ergonomic seat and two hydraulic cylinders that provide continued resistance to sculpt and define your body. This machine will instantly become your best fitness friend.

You may have read a Kettler Favorit rowing machine review or two but all that aside, this is what you need to know. The Favorit has folding oars with steady force and pivoting foot plates. There’s also an anti-slip base that helps protect your floor. This smart machine includes a training computer to provide information on: time, speed of strokes, oar stroke quantity, distance traveled during session, total distance covered, pulse rate and energy used displayed in kilojoules for a precise measurement. Settings can be programed for stroke speed and distance covered. You can also change settings to alert you with visual and audio signals when you’re goals have been completed.

Other specifications include: a ball-bearing mounted roller seat, LCD display, a stride length of 15 inches or more, maximum weight capacity of 285 lbs and a display monitor indicating; distance, calories burned, number of strokes and time elapsed. And let’s not forget about the ear lobe clip that monitors your hear rate. The Kettler Favorit is a quality, German built and manufactured, practical rowing machine for the serious rower. It measures approximately 49 x 31 x 10 inches and weighs 50 lbs.

Most people will try out a rowing machine only to give up 10 or 15 minutes later due to exhaustion and aching of the arms. This type of exhaustion can be avoided by simply sitting correctly on the machine. The raised seat rail permits you to get on and off more easily and features gravity-assist return which allows for a natural seat motion. And there’s no need to rotate between displays; the performance monitor shows 6 readouts at the same time.

You may have noticed the Kettler Favorit costs a bit more than some other rowers cost. That’s because this machine’s frame has been professionally built piece by piece with parts exclusively manufactured by Kettler in Germany. So you’re getting a powerful, professional and durable machine.

Once you get your machine you must follow the instructions when putting it together. The only negative we found about this machine is that the instructions are not very comprehensive. Luckily they do include lots of pictures and diagrams of the bolts and such for visual aid. Making sure the machine is properly set up is crucial to its functionality. I must admit I had a little trouble at first. Some people make the mistake of using the bolts in the incorrect spots; this will affect the resistance.

Kettler LCD DisplayOnce I took my time and double checked the instructions, the machine was all set up; it didn’t take too long. Realistically, set up shouldn’t take too long because it’s partially assembled when you receive it. All you need to do is attach a few parts, which is easy.

This machine is a fantastic supplement to my usual workout routine. My previous machine didn’t last very long, about 18 months, before it fell apart. I guess that’s what $200 buys you. After doing my research I learned that the nylon wheels on the underside of the seat can develop flat spots due to excessive wear. This is common with cheap rowers so quality was a priority this time around. These flat spots cause noise and vibration as the seat moves forward and backward.

You’ll be so glad you got a Kettler. I have heard so many people complain about how quickly their cheaper machines degrade within a few weeks of use. Problems with other machines like joints leaking oil or the wheels breaking are not a worry with the Favorit. This is fine German manufacturing at your fingertips. This rower is quiet, it practically hums, and is built to last.

Giving you the option for an aerobic workout, the lowest setting is relatively easy. Even at this setting the resistance is good. Its solid and compact and at its highest setting it delivers a great workout. One other thing to note is that the computer measurement can not be changed from kilometers to miles but you get used to it pretty quick so its not that big of a deal. A plus I just have to mention are the rotating grips. You don’t see these on most other rowers, especially on ones of a lower caliber.

This quiet dual-piston rower gives you a continuous, fluid workout with superb stability so you can stay in excellent shape, train at your convenience. If you’re looking for a top quality rowing machine go with the Kettler Favorit.

Home Rowing Machines – Health Conveniently at Home


Stamina Indoor RowerPeople purchase gym memberships because they want to devote time to developing their physical body. These gyms provide members with access to different machines that are devoted to developing one or two muscle groups at a time. So in a gym, one would walk up to a certain machine, use it for ten or fifteen minutes, then go to the next and use it for another number of minutes. This goes on and on until all muscle groups have been exercised. This typically takes about 2 hours. For the more devoted members, half a day.

There are exercises though that allow more than two muscle groups to work and develop. These machines provide a general workout for the whole body without being too stressful on each muscle. And since the exercise isn’t too heavy, it may be repeated several times in order to provide good cardiovascular workouts as well. A good example of this machine would be the rowing machine.

If the target of a gym member is to get a good, general workout, then maybe he or she should consider purchasing a rowing machine. These rowing machines allow a person to develop the overall muscle tone of the user without having to devote time to each specific muscle group. This translates into more free time that could be spent on doing something else, such as talking to family or playing with kids. And since it is done at home, one need not spend for gas to go to the gym. The exercise is complete and safe, and one need not dress up to impress as it’s done in any room of the house.

Nowadays people want to do their things at home. Here is a great alternative to gym memberships. It is true that the purchase of one of the best rowing machines might be a bit steep, but if you compare it to the monthly and annual membership fees that the gyms charge, then you could end up spending less in the long run. This is why rowing machines were designed. They are there to give people good muscular and cardiovascular exercise, allow people to do this exercise within the comfort of home as well as save time and money by just using one machine that need not be rented from anyone. With positive points such as these, why would one still want to enroll in gyms? Just purchase a rowing machine today and save!

Concept2 Rowing Machines: Pushing Indoor Rowing to New Heights


Model EVery few will dispute the fact that rowing is one the best ways to get a good workout. This is because rowing is able to exercise more than one muscle group at a single time, and it is also able to provide one of the most essential workouts that people need: cardiovascular workouts. With the number of muscle groups that are exercised, people are able to save time by doing just this one exercise for half an hour each day, instead of spreading two to three hours of their time across a number of exercise machines.

Concept2 has understood the importance of the rowing machine, and how vital it may be for some people to have this machine at home. That is why they have been pushing the boundaries of the rowing machines as well, improving the machine in a lot of ways but at the same time keeping the basic concept intact. They have done this by perfecting the resistance that their machines have, allowing it to adjust to the type of rowing that the user does. They have also been working at providing affordable rowing machines to the public in order to give the majority of the people access to this beneficial exercise.

Although Concept2 has been innovating the machine ever since its establishment, it has also been looking for ways to improve the exercise and make it more enjoyable for those who use the machine. Knowing that a lot of people are motivated by competition, they have added more ways to monitor performance. Not wanting to end there, they also opened an on-line community that offers challenges, provides updates and allows rowers across the globe to communicate and compete with one another.

For families that have more than two rowers, Concept2 has added a link that would allow two machines to be linked together. This simulates team rowing, and allows for bonding time between family and friends.

From the time it was established, Concept2 has been providing more and more people with access to rowing machines. And since their desire is to provide the cheapest possible machine, they have veered away from conventional sales and went into direct selling. Any purchase will be linked directly with the manufacturing company in Vermont. This makes sure that the extra fees that are associated with other companies that sell through department stores are avoided. So if you have a passion for rowing, get in touch with a sales agent and row your way to good health.

Everything You Need to Know About Rowing Machines


waterrower a1Good exercising equipment is steadily creative waves in the fitness world. Among the best choices include rowing machines, which are also known as indoor rowers. These are convenient, effective, and offer many health benefits for the price of one. There’s no need to use several pieces to keep or attain improved overall health. Now you can enjoy it in just one, easy and fun to use apparatus. Aside from that, it is also a space saver.

The good effects of this machine target not just a few specific areas of your body but it likewise tones all parts resulting in an effective workout. You may get that perfect shape without going to the gym to use different types of equipment; it can also be done by just using the rowers at home, all for the price of one.

When shopping for your first exercise equipment, it would be helpful for you to know everything about this equipment before making a final purchase.

What is a Rowing Machine?

It is an effective exercising machine perfect for indoor use. It can help stimulate the motions of rowing boats that can give you power and endurance. More so, it can help strengthen your heart. No need to worry about going out of your place and experiencing all the hassle and pollution outside. You can get all the necessary health benefits while sitting comfortably and safely inside your home.

The success of this equipment will be dependent on the level of resistance it provides you, which is comparable to that given by water in real life rowing events. It may vary depending on the type used and your purpose. The level of resistance can be adjusted based on your personal preference. Adjust it to the level that suits you best and works well for you.

Different Kinds of Resistance

Apart from the levels, it is also important for you to know that there are various kinds of resistance like air, water, magnetic, and piston.

Piston is obviously the most popular kind. Those that are using this kind of resistance are easier to operate and are smaller machines. But, this does not offer the best benefits as compared to other indoor rowers.

The ones that are more commonly used in the gyms include air and magnetic types. They give perfect controls for better operation and flexibility, thus offering more successful results.

The water type is the one that can give the most achievable effect of rowing. Rather than using the technology of other resistance types, this uses real water against a flywheel. The experience is comparable to real life rowing on water.

Additional Features

Home rowers are likewise equipped with monitors that can help you record your achievements, including your speed and the level of resistance you can sustain. Others will give you a count of your heart rate and the calories you have successfully burnt.

Rowing machines are very easy to use and with proper technique, you can get the healthy and toned body that you have always wanted.

Types of Rowing Machines


best rowing machineRowing machines have taken up the limelight in body workouts recently. It has been realized that these machines offers low impact exercise program that won’t harm or damage your joints, but gives your heart a great workout benefits. Your muscle groups used includes your thighs, gluts, abs, calves, back, shoulders and arms. Therefore rowing will definitely tone up your entire body, not just the parts unlike other fitness machines that are available in the industry as well.

The best thing of these machines is that it’s being compared to elliptical trainers and exercise bikes, however their prices is often least comparable as well as competitive. There are three rowing machine types which you ought to learn. These are the magnetic, air driven or hydraulic rowing machines. Choosing the best rowing machine for you will be down to its price and budget among other factors.

You can choose hydraulic rowing machine which is usually the most affordable option among the three rowing machine types, but they are as effective and viable as well.

This type of machine is usually lightweight and has a flat frame, making it easier to fold and store since its arranged simple and cheap to make.

Its simple construction tends to mean they that they’ll last a longer period of time, as it has fewer moving mechanisms which would go faulty when over used and as it grows old.

The magnetic rowing machine is the next expensive band of machine you may add to your list. These clearly develop resistance through a system of magnetic field acting on a flywheel, creating break and resistance as well. The big difference with the hydraulic machine type is that it is smoother to operate, it doesn’t fold likewise and it’s known that more parts go wrong over time. If you opt to purchase the basic rowing machine it will set you a $180 back, but the good one will likely cost you a $280.

However, if you want to treat yourself the most expensive and the best quality of rowing machine there is. You can choose the air rower machine which is basically most of the professional’s choice, since it closely similar to a real water rowing. Air rowers is known to generate resistance with the oarsman pull, as air is being sucked into the machine and debarred.

The faster and harder you pull the more resistance becomes as air is being forced towards the machine at rising force. Though it is not designed to fold down just like the two rowing machine types, but it will definitely last a lifetime. You can choose the cheaper one ranging from $ 400 but for you want a better and good quality kind of rowing machine a quality air rower is worth $ 900 as well.

Why Not Buy A WaterRower?


The best thing you can say about the water rowing machine is that you actually engage with water enhancing your rowing performance. If you purchase a WaterRower product, you can rest assured that you are making a considerable and positive contribution to the environment.

The rowers at WaterRower are made only from the best hardwoods obtained from sustainable sources – forests where more trees are planted than are actually harvested. In addition, the WaterRower machine does not run off electricity.

WaterRowerAre you in the market for a handcrafted hardwood rowing machine? If one of these trendy machines takes your fancy, why not take a look at the spectacular Water Rower Club With Monitor Rowing Machine? Built from solid ash, this is a rowing machine that is packed with features suitable for all manner of gyms. This is an excellent home machine as it stores away really easily and is a great buy for its durability and easy to use programming facility. A rower that stands out from the crowd in more ways than one, it possesses a flywheel within a water tank to simulate the feel of rowing. Complete with paddles enclosed within its tank, listen for the soothing echo of the waves as they pound the water with every stroke of the handles.

Other rowing machines available at WaterRower include the basic WaterRower model, the reliable My Rower E1, which offers a stylish response to the home product and smooth rowing in an easily stored away design. The WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is a distinguished rower offering workout programs, its brilliant water flywheel and folds away easily in between exercise sessions. The powerful First Degree S350 Water Rowing Machine is a popular machine with people who like to exercise frequently whether they are unfit, fit or super fit! It folds away really easily and provides that WaterRower feeling of actual rowing in water. With this model there are a collection of programs and monitoring features that provide a more efficient overall routine as well as sixteen levels of resistance adjustment. If none of the above quite hit the mark for you, how about the WaterRower natural with Monitor? You get the highly durable wooden frame, water flywheel and a lovely smooth action a perfect combination for a full and rewarding workout in the home. Included with the product is an easy to use series 4 – performance monitor essential for monitoring those heart rates and calorie burnouts! The really great thing about this machine is its ability to recall past workout data with easy function keys.