Concept2 Rowing Machines: Pushing Indoor Rowing to New Heights

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Model EVery few will dispute the fact that rowing is one the best ways to get a good workout. This is because rowing is able to exercise more than one muscle group at a single time, and it is also able to provide one of the most essential workouts that people need: cardiovascular workouts. With the number of muscle groups that are exercised, people are able to save time by doing just this one exercise for half an hour each day, instead of spreading two to three hours of their time across a number of exercise machines.

Concept2 has understood the importance of the rowing machine, and how vital it may be for some people to have this machine at home. That is why they have been pushing the boundaries of the rowing machines as well, improving the machine in a lot of ways but at the same time keeping the basic concept intact. They have done this by perfecting the resistance that their machines have, allowing it to adjust to the type of rowing that the user does. They have also been working at providing affordable rowing machines to the public in order to give the majority of the people access to this beneficial exercise.

Although Concept2 has been innovating the machine ever since its establishment, it has also been looking for ways to improve the exercise and make it more enjoyable for those who use the machine. Knowing that a lot of people are motivated by competition, they have added more ways to monitor performance. Not wanting to end there, they also opened an on-line community that offers challenges, provides updates and allows rowers across the globe to communicate and compete with one another.

For families that have more than two rowers, Concept2 has added a link that would allow two machines to be linked together. This simulates team rowing, and allows for bonding time between family and friends.

From the time it was established, Concept2 has been providing more and more people with access to rowing machines. And since their desire is to provide the cheapest possible machine, they have veered away from conventional sales and went into direct selling. Any purchase will be linked directly with the manufacturing company in Vermont. This makes sure that the extra fees that are associated with other companies that sell through department stores are avoided. So if you have a passion for rowing, get in touch with a sales agent and row your way to good health.