Types of Rowing Machines

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best rowing machineRowing machines have taken up the limelight in body workouts recently. It has been realized that these machines offers low impact exercise program that won’t harm or damage your joints, but gives your heart a great workout benefits. Your muscle groups used includes your thighs, gluts, abs, calves, back, shoulders and arms. Therefore rowing will definitely tone up your entire body, not just the parts unlike other fitness machines that are available in the industry as well.

The best thing of these machines is that it’s being compared to elliptical trainers and exercise bikes, however their prices is often least comparable as well as competitive. There are three rowing machine types which you ought to learn. These are the magnetic, air driven or hydraulic rowing machines. Choosing the best rowing machine for you will be down to its price and budget among other factors.

You can choose hydraulic rowing machine which is usually the most affordable option among the three rowing machine types, but they are as effective and viable as well.

This type of machine is usually lightweight and has a flat frame, making it easier to fold and store since its arranged simple and cheap to make.

Its simple construction tends to mean they that they’ll last a longer period of time, as it has fewer moving mechanisms which would go faulty when over used and as it grows old.

The magnetic rowing machine is the next expensive band of machine you may add to your list. These clearly develop resistance through a system of magnetic field acting on a flywheel, creating break and resistance as well. The big difference with the hydraulic machine type is that it is smoother to operate, it doesn’t fold likewise and it’s known that more parts go wrong over time. If you opt to purchase the basic rowing machine it will set you a $180 back, but the good one will likely cost you a $280.

However, if you want to treat yourself the most expensive and the best quality of rowing machine there is. You can choose the air rower machine which is basically most of the professional’s choice, since it closely similar to a real water rowing. Air rowers is known to generate resistance with the oarsman pull, as air is being sucked into the machine and debarred.

The faster and harder you pull the more resistance becomes as air is being forced towards the machine at rising force. Though it is not designed to fold down just like the two rowing machine types, but it will definitely last a lifetime. You can choose the cheaper one ranging from $ 400 but for you want a better and good quality kind of rowing machine a quality air rower is worth $ 900 as well.